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Pest Control Services

Our company and related parties possess extensive experience and knowledge of pest control services. The pest control services can effectively control the activities of termites, cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, mice and all kinds of pests. The services is harmless to humans and animals and it can keep a strong effect in long duration. In our services scope, we specialize in providing pest control services for residential areas, offices and various types of organizations and our price is very fair and able to afford by everyone.

Prest Control Services
Square Fee
Below 700 Square Feet
700-1,000 Square Feet
1,001-1500 Square Feet
1,501-2,000 Square Feet
2,001-2,500 Square Feet
2,501-3,000 Square Feet
(Additional charge for Hong Kong Island and remote area)

The weather is warm and humid in Hong Kong, so it is very easier to breed the pests anywhere. Even most of furniture are imported from mainland which producing different hygienic standard. In order to protect our environment, the pest control is recommended before the occupation. We also need to keep the regular pest elimination to reduce the spread of germs.










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